Does ergo have a Dapp for managing P2P contracts?

I’ve spent $$$ paying for virtual P2P services, mainly educational services. Ex: P2P language learning

Does ergo have a Dapp that would help me manage these sort of P2P contracts? For example, learning a language with a virtual teacher usually involves paying a 20% service charge to the website, which manages the transfer of payment. If I build rapport with the teacher, then often times they will accept payment via crypto or paypal. However, building trust from scratch is difficult. What I’m looking for is a middle ground that requires less trust than simply sending someone money and hoping that this internet stranger will provide the lesson. Or vice visa, them trusting that I will pay them after the lesson.

Perhaps I could try to use ergoraffle to accomplish this? It would be nice to have a platform where people can have profiles linked to past contracts that show you are trust worthy. Sort of like a social credit score ( the voluntary type, nothing maoist haha).

Anyways, I’m tired of spending so much money paying for a teacher’s taxes and high service fees for a relatively simply website.