[Voting proposal] Increasing maximum computational cost for block again

For initial period of the mainnet life, very conservative settings were chosen in order to prevent attacks and be sure everything will run smoothly. Now developers would like to propose to change maximum computational cost limit per block (similar to gas limit per block in Ethereum).

With optimizations we’re doing, it is reasonable to consider higher value for cost limit per block. Currently the limit is about 4.7M, 7-8M looks good.

Please vote for cost limit increase with setting higher value (please also consider offlineGeneration = true flag so your node will be generating block candidates immediately after node restart), e.g. :

ergo {
  node {
    mining = true
    offlineGeneration = true

  voting {
    4 = 7000000

If 50+% will vote for the limit increasement, it will be increased by 1% per epoch.

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