Trouble setting up Ergo Mixer on windows

Hello all,
I’m having some issues running ergomixer on windows. I downloaded the latest release from ergoMixer/ergoMixerBack github. I installed both JDK and SBT using msi installer. When I double click on the ergomixer shortcut to run the app, it doesn’t run. The loading wheel near my mouse turns for a moment and then stops. Nothing launches.
Any clues what I’m doing wrong?

You are going to need to open localhost:9000 in your browser search bar by the sounds of it.

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Not a solution but maybe a workaround for you: since you are on windows you should try the exe version instead of the java one (since you installed JDK I assume you used the java version).

Thanks this got it working. I just assumed it would open in my browser when starting the exe. Thank you

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