Synchrobit Helium Hotspot miner HNT

Synchrobit Helium Hotspot miner HNT is a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging with warranty. work perfectly with all country frequency.

  • $500

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Tried buying Nebra miners a while back got so annoyed at all the blatant scams (Don’t use Nebra for HNT Miners) the CEO of Nebra had me waiting like an idiot for months on end. Don’t like the idea of propitiatory hardware for mining hardware. Helium network accept to many idiot companies who over sell them self’s. If you want a HNT Miner Bobcat seem the only vendor with a good product that works and delivers when they say they will.

Trying to get into Helium mining was so stressful for me I never went ahead with it.

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Agreed. I stopped with one small miner. I thought it would be interesting to become a validator, and then remembered that I already have a surplus of problems.

One aspect of mining ERG (ETH, etc…) is that you are a valued part of a much larger system, all of which will exist and flourish with you or without you.

Did my rig crash or did the neighbor take out the internet with his backhoe again? I don’t know, but I don’t care that much. I’ll check on it and make adjustments. Ergo goes on. No stress.

I don’t want to run a server, especially if I am not properly paid to do so. I think that Cardano Stake Pools have struck an interesting balance… I suspect that Ergo, with many more miners than SPO’s, will find a different stance.

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