Problem with the wallet

Previously, I was mining on one wallet, but then I had to start another wallet on Hotbit. I can’t transfer coins from my old wallet to a new wallet right now.Tell me what you can do? Where to read?

Ранее майнил на один кошелёк, но потом пришлась завести другой кошелек на Hotbit. Сейчас не могу перевести на новый кошелек монеты со старого кошелька.Подскажите что можно сделать? Где почитать?

What particular wallet did you use?

I started with WoolyPooly. email. Then I started it on my laptop.But I had to start it on HotBit

Начинал с Потом завел на ноутбуке.Но пришлось завести на HotBit

Could you explain your issue ?

There are many wallets for Ergo - Ergo Full Node, ErgoWallet Desktop, Yoroi, Coinbarn, Magnum (liquidated)

on a laptop using ergo-4.0.7.jar

on the website

I understand that 20 ERG is not a very large amount, yet, but I want to understand what my mistake is