"New Video! Check out EMURGO's Robert Kornacki give an overview of our research work around smart contracts based on Extended UTXO."


Thanks Martin. And here’s the direct link to the piece on github for cataloguing purposes/if anyone wants to read it him/herself: High Level Design Patterns In Extended UTXO Systems


Very cool ideas… A little confused how the last one (“outsourced computation”) would work. Can you give more details, maybe using a real world example of such a computation?

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Any case where you need a prolonged central state can utilize outsourced computation. So for example, a leaderboard of sorts for the RPS example could utilize this design pattern to have a central UTXO which keeps track of the state of the leaderboard, but multiple people can start a RPS match by spending the leaderboard and create a new UTXO which starts the RPS protocol. This could be useful if for example collateral or a fee payment is required to take part in the leaderboard. This is obviously a rather arbitrary example, but it’s the most relevant example to the document itself.