I have been hacked. help

send(my yoroi add)


(hacker add)

help me

What does that mean at all ?


These type of messages are sad in any ecosystem.

Someone new comes too close to the milling blade with their hair and they lose a patch.

We are still in the wild west stage of crypto in general, Ergo included.


So you’re saying someone hacked your Yoroi and injected their own wallet address?. Can you tell us a little bit more? while hacking can be a threat to most digital systems it’s always best to take the correct precautions to protect yourself online from what you are saying it is likely your system has been compromised by hackers remotely or via clipboard virus I suggest you make the right steps to secure your system and make sure no body is remotely accessing your system. Can I ask the amount and could you provide the transaction ID if possible? Yoroi team may help you better. In the meantime I recommend you check out Ergo Mobile Wallet or Cold Wallet I have also been a user of Yoroi and it does have its issues it needs a lot more work but it does have a good team behind it who are always working hard to fix whatever issues might arise with the wallet. I think it will be a great wallet in the future but for the time being I use the Mobile Wallet on Android.