How to add an existing address to the wallet?

I’ve just re-setup the node, tried to restore the wallet and it seemed to work, but I noticed the address changed however I’ve seen the message ‘wallet successfully restored’.

So the question is how can I recover the former address and to get access to it?
Is it possible to add it to the current wallet as an additional address?
Normally, I have all the requisites, i.e. address, pass, mnemonic sentence.

The node version is 4.0.9.


What was old node version ?

I have the same issue (fresh node install used correct mnemonic 0 balance), but I backed up all my Ergo files on to a flash drive, can I just copy pasta from the flash drive to the newly installed node?

I can use the the same mnemonic on Yoroi and it will show the correct balance there. Yoroi asks how many characters are in my mnemonic, while restoring through node doesn’t